Zizé de México is a B2B firm specialized in fields such energy, lighting and innovation. We are established in the center of México where we are attending the private and public sector in the region.


Our offer consists in the delivering of products and services direct from worldwide manufactures to national clients and projects. The advantages of our services relay in the reduction of costs and variety of products in the chain supply. In addition, through our commercial partners with develop skills that allow our clients to have a better understanding of technologies edge and enhance their decisions regarding to efficient and innovation-based projects in the medium and long term.


For manufactures we represent an extension of their commercial activities as their business developers. We aid manufactures in mapping the markets participants, opportunities and design for them strategies to achieve competitiveness upon aggressive markets.


We are always seeking to connect demand with solutions, please feel free to contact us for further information regarding to our activities and explore the business opportunities that we can develop for your organization.


With a bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance and postgrads studies in energy management from the EGADE Business School, J. Francisco Sevilla works as a consultant in fields of energy, lighting and innovation for private and public organizations. His values are honesty, ethic and a great spirit to serve upon his client’s challenges.

Teléfono: (477) 344 12 71 

Celular: (477) 44 92840



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Blvd. Paseo de los Insurgentes No. 3356 Piso 4, Col. San José de las Piletas León, Guanajuato. México.